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Council Grove Life Center is a non-profit, family health and fitness facility in Council Grove, KS. Opened in 2005, constructed primarily with funds from private trust foundations and local contributions from both individuals and businesses, the Life Center is a membership corporation, and is constantly working to meet the expectations and standards of our membership and the health and fitness industry. The staff at the Life Center strives to keep our facility in top shape, provide a comfortable and friendly environment for your exercise and activity needs, and accommodate a wide range of interests and current fitness trends.

We strongly encourage you to visit the Life Center and see for yourself what we have to offer. We think you will be pleased with our facility and we hope you will want to be a part of its many activities!

MISSIOn, Vision, and Core Vales:

Mission: Council Grove Life Center (CGLC) will serve members and guests of all age groups by promoting wellness and education through innovative mind, body and social experiences.

Vision: Our vision is to deliver innovative fitness and lifestyle programs; our friendly, professional staff and

volunteers will inspire and support, enhancing the quality of life, one person at a time.


Core Values: Be an asset to the communities we serve and a valuable resource to our members and guest. 


Council Grove Life Center is available for members and guests to use at rates that are affordable for all.  Please view our fee schedule and membership contract. Ready to join CGLC and commit to a healthy lifestyle? We're here to help. Stop by today for a tour!

CGLC Current Board Members:

Zach Tyner, President

Joel Hornung, Vice President

Steve White, Treasurer, Bill B. Young Foundation Rep.

Debbie England, Secretary, Oscar and Ina Nystrom Foundation Rep.

Amy Allen, Arthur M. & Ethel L. Hylton Trust Rep.

Candace Boardman, John E. Trembly Foundation Rep.

Chad Farr, Board Member


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